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Makani - Carbon Fin - Custom Box Fit

Posted: 06 Mar 2017, 20:07
by Mike-CAN
Hi Everyone,

I wanted to share a tip on something that I ran into, on how to fit your fin properly in the fin box on your board. The Carbon fins have a bit of extra carbon fibre on them at the top part / (Base) of the fin (which sits in the fin box). If the base of your fin fits proud of the box and not flush, you just simply need to shave it down. I did this just by grinding it (sliding back and forth on the ground) on the pavement in my drive way, buy you could also use sand paper / grinder. Start off easy and then fine tune it for your specific box, ending up with a super sweet custom fit!

Hope this helps.
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Re: Makani - Carbon Fin - Custom Box Fit

Posted: 09 May 2018, 11:32
by Meady
That's really good to know, Mike. How much of extra carbon fibre is there roughly? I wouldn't want to go overboard and shave off too much of it.