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Roto Fin vs Stock Red Paddle Race

Posted: 26 Feb 2017, 08:01
by Steven-USA
I have been paddling with the full carbon Roto on my 14 x 25 Red Paddle Elite for the past couple of months and always felt that it was a huge upgrade to the stock fin that came with the board but I really was surprised the other morning. I forgot my Roto at home so I used my Red Paddle fin for my workout and what a difference. It was like a completely different board. The stability was a lot worse and the tracking was more difficult. I am interested to compare the Roto to the Kawa in flat water and see the tracking difference as well.
I used to the Roto on a moderate down wind run yesterday, 11 km, 15 mph winds and about 2 foot bumps. It handled very well in the conditions. Much better than the stock fin.
This summer my friends and I will be doing some fin and board testing with a hopefully large number of different pieces of equipment, We will be comparing the boards/fins against each other in a set of testing protocols. I will share the data with the forum. We are thinking the middle of July.

Re: Roto Fin vs Stock Red Paddle Race

Posted: 25 Sep 2017, 08:55
by TerryCarr
I prefer the Roto tbh.